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Empty-Hand Arts:

  Okinawan Karate

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Two Day retreat – Principle-driven skill development

(Limited to 8 people)

February 28-29 - Saturday, Sunday)

Explore the application of Goju-Ryu’s foundational techniques from a Southern Chinese, principles-based perspective.

Learn two-person drills that build the skills necessary to apply Okinawan karate, with the overt knowledge of what makes them work.

Warmups, skill-building drills, and application principles from Five Ancestor, White Eyebrow, and White Crane, culminating in the learning of five discreet levels of sticky-hands training. Unlike the fixed format of Goju-Ryu’s Kakie, Wing Chun’s Chi Sau, or Taiji’s single pushing, this form of sticky-hands training allows for the building of useful spontaneous reactions from the clinch, including short (but powerful) strikes, joint-locks and counters, throws, sweeps, and leg maneuvers.

Handouts provided.

No video during primary sessions.

Saturday - 8AM – 12PM and 2-6PM

  • Warmups – White Crane (Flying) – with related applications
  • Warmups – Feeding Crane and/or Ancestral Crane
  • Introduction to the Application Principles, with examples.
  • Kihon Waza – Uchi Uke (3 levels) and supporting drills from Five Ancestors and White Crane.
  • Principles of Structure, Application
  • Sticking Hands - Levels 1-3

    Sunday – 8AM – 12PM and 2-6PM

  • Warmups – Standing pole and/or Taiji
  • Kihon Waza – Soto Uke (3 levels) and related drills
  • Principles of Power and Teaching
  • Sticking Hands – Level 4
  • Sticking Hands – Level 5

    Cost: $150 for both days. Pay via paypal to secure your spot. Registrations closed at 8 people.

    Cost rises to $250 after May 23rd, 2018

    Alumni prices: $75 for early registration $150 for late registration.

    Contact us for more information.

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