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Integrated Eskrima


Integrated Eskrima is a pan-Philippine method of Filipino weapon training as developed and taught by Dr. Mark Wiley. As a master practitioner of several systems of Eskrima and Arnis, Dr. Mark studied under the direction of the legendary masters Angel Cabales, Herminio Binas, Antonio Ilustrisimo, Benjamin Luna Lema, Ramiro Estalilla, Remy Presas, and Florendo Visitacion.

Integrated Eskrima presents an integration of the techniques of these teachers and each technique and concept is integrated with the others taught at the same level before new material is learned. Regarding integration of technique concept, Integrated Eskrima is most influenced by:

  • The tight maneuvering and reflex training of Angel Cabales
  • The stroke training and disarming concepts of Herminio Binas
  • The timing and sword techniques of Antonio Ilustrisimo
  • The double sticks and merging methods of Ramiro Estalilla
  • The power strikes and limb control of Benjamin Luna Lema
  • The progressive joint locks and strikes of Florendo Visitacion
  • The fundamental strikes, blocks and locks of Remy Presas













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