The Burinkan Dojo (武林館道場)

About the Burinkan

Empty-Hand Arts:

  Okinawan Goju-Ryu

  Ngo Cho Kun

  Pak Mei Kuen

Weapon Arts:

  Okinawan Kobudo

  Integrated Eskrima



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Products and Recommendations

Book - The "Bible" of Ngo Cho Kun
A newly-translated, photo-filled copy of the rare book on Five Ancestor Boxing, called "Chinese Soft Art Complete".
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eBay - I occaisionally sell items on eBay. Click here to see any auctions I have running.

I highly recommend checking out books written or translated by these gentlemen:

Dr. Mark V. Wiley - Tambuli Media - Click Here

Mario McKenna - Click Here
Ishi Sashi
Much cheaper than the marble ones I've found elsewhere...
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