The Burinkan Dojo (武林館道場)


About the Burinkan

Empty-Hand Arts:

  Okinawan Karate

  Fujian Kung Fu

  Hakka Kung Fu

Weapon Arts:

  Okinawan Kobudo

  Integrated Eskrima



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Kokon Den Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate
Sensei Marcus Davila is the Chief Instructor of Kokon Den Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate. With a unique ability to teach diverse individuals while effectively communicating his knowledge, he has provided opportunities for martial arts training through private, group instruction, seminars, and as a coach and advisor for over four decades.
Beng Hong Athletic Association
The Beng Hong Athletic Association is the international arm of The Philippine-Chinese Beng Kiam Athletic Association, the oldest Kung-Fu club in the Philippines. Beng Hong holds an unbroken line in the art from its founder down five generations.

The Burinkan is an official branch school of the Beng Hong Athletic Association.

Integrated Eskrima International
Integrated Eskrima is a pan-Philippine method of Filipino weapon training as developed and taught by Dr. Mark Wiley. As a master practitioner of several systems of Eskrima and Arnis, Dr. Mark studied under the direction of the legendary masters Angel Cabales, Herminio Binas, Antonio Ilustrisimo, Benjamin Luna Lema, Ramiro Estalilla, Remy Presas, and Florendo Visitacion…
Cheung Martial Arts
Sifu Joseph Cheung is an Advanced Level 8 Senior Instructor and Disciple of Wing Hong Yip in the Hakka Dragon Style of Kung Fu
Shoreijikan Karate Association
The Shoreijikan Karate Association of Brazil was founded by Shihan Fernando Câmara to preserve and promote the Okinawan karate teachings of Moritoshi Nakaema, Iwao Yokote, and Nelson Santos.
Additional Websites:
Kodokan Boston
Kodokan Boston dojo is led by Sensei Fred Lohse, of Sensei Kimo Wall's Kodokan and OKDR Kobudo. Sensei Fred Lohse also teaches Shifu Liu Chang I's (劉長益) Feeding Crane Gong Fu. (食鶴拳)
Tambuli Media
Publisher of books and DVDs on Mind-Body Health and Martial Arts

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