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Empty-Hand Arts:

  Okinawan Karate

  Fujian Kung Fu

  Hakka Kung Fu

Weapon Arts:

  Okinawan Kobudo

  Integrated Eskrima



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The Head Instructor - Russ Smith

Russ expressed an interest in martial arts as a young teenager, and began learning Karate basics with a family friend. It wasn't until Russ was on extended vacation in the Philippines over thirty years ago that he began his formal training in Japanese Goju-Ryu under an Australian instructor, Sensei Iyan Mackenzie.

Upon his return to the USA, Russ's interest in the origins of Goju-Ryu were piqued by authors such as Patrick McCarthy and John Sells, which led to him seeking out instruction in Okinawan Goju-Ryu.

Russ's desire to continue research on the origins and influences on Goju-Ryu has lead him to also study Fujian and Hakka arts such as Five Ancestor (Ngo Cho Kun / Wuzuquan), White Eyebrow (Pak Mei), and White Crane Boxing styles.

Russ makes periodic trips overseas to train Goju-Ryu and Kobudo in Okinawa, and Gung Fu in Malaysia, Singapore, the Phillippines, and across the USA.

Russ's focus is preserving, promoting, and researching the arts of Okinawa, Southern China, Malaysia, and the Philippines at his Burinkan dojo.

For details on each art practiced at the Burinkan, please visit the "Arts we study" sections of our website.






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