The Burinkan Dojo (武林館道場)


About the Burinkan

Empty-Hand Arts:

  Okinawan Karate

  Ngo Cho Kun

  Pak Mei Kuen

Weapon Arts:

  Okinawan Kobudo

  Integrated Eskrima



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(L to R) Mark Wiley, Marcus Davila, Russ Smith, Mike Boyett, Dane Smith
(L to R) Sensei Matt Henderson, Sensei Bill Steigner, and Russ Smith
(L to R) Sensei Bill Steigner, Sensei Kimo Wall, and Russ Smith
Shifu Liu Chang I teaching Russ Smith Feeding Crane fighting principles
Demonstration in Penang, Malaysia at the school of Chuka Shaolin (Phoenix Eye Fist) master Cheong Cheng Leong

Left to Right:
Front Row - Unknown, Liu Chang I (Feeding Crane), Cheong Cheng Leong (Chuka Shaolin), Teo Choon Teck (Sancheen Do)
Middle Row - Russ Smith, Evert Van Der Meulen (Hunggar), Eric Ling (Shouting and Ancestral Crane), Peter ? (Jow Gar)
Back Row - Unknown, Unknown
(L to R) Russ Smith, James Pankiewicz, and Sensei Neil Stolsmark - Dojo Bar 2014



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